Gold Factors Jewellers Middlesbrough | Repairs and Pawn Broking
Buy or sell jewellery at Gold Factors Jewellers Middlesbrough, your one-stop shop for local pawn services and a range of diamond jewellery and little charms.
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Repairs and Pawn Broking


Pawn broking and how it works.

When you approach a pawnbroker you have two choices – either to leave something valuable as security for a loan, for example an asset such as jewellery or an antique, or sell the item to the pawnbroker.

Gold Factors is a licensed pawn broker and will accept most items of jewellery which we feel is of any value. If you are looking for instant cash, it is worth visiting our store to see what your item cold be worth.

Our expert valuation specialists will be able to assess the cost within minutes of looking at it, whether it is hallmarked or not.


We specialise in many jewellery repairs such as:

  • Rhodium plating.
  • Soldering jobs: e.g. catches of bracelets or rings back together anything.
  • 9ct and silver solder repairs done on site.
  • Sizing rings: Most sizing is done on sight, 9ct and silver.
  • Gemstone setting and claw fixing.
  • Cleaning and polishing jewellery.

Furthermore our repairers can make jewellery to order. Call the store today for more information 01642226504/883004.